Estimates of emissions and removals of greenhouse gases at the municipal level are a product under construction.

Municipal data, when aggregated at the state or national level, may present some differences in relation to the state and national data presented on the platform, launched at the end of 2020. These differences come from corrections made in the process of refining the scale of the spatial data, such as, for example, the correction of differences in the limits of municipalities in relation to the limits of states. Additionally, for the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions in the MUT sector, the annual maps from Collection 5 of MapBiomas are used, which may contain possible inconsistencies in the mapping.

For the agricultural sector, the difference in estimates of GHG emissions between the SEEG Municipalities Collection and the 9th SEEG Collection (Brazil and States) is due to improvements in the calculation structure of municipal estimates, such as better characterization and allocation of emissions, together with using adjusted activity data to calculate municipal estimates. Part of the emissions from the Managed Soils sub-sector has not been allocated to municipalities

In the case of emissions data from industrial processes, there is a significant part of emissions that could not be allocated in the municipalities due to the absence of activity data available on the industries.

As an innovative product, the methodology is in the process of validation and testing. All contributions for product improvement are welcome and can be sent to contato@seeg.eco.br.