Method Solutions

What is SEEG Solutions

The Greenhouse Gas Emission and Removal Estimation System (SEEG) is an initiative of the Climate Observatory that comprises the production of annual estimates of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Brazil, analytical documents on the evolution of emissions and an internet portal for making the system's methods and data available in a simple and clear way.

In 2021, SEEG Municipalities was launched, a new SEEG module in which it is possible to know how much each Brazilian municipality emitted, and in which sectors: energy, land use change and forests, agriculture, industrial processes and waste treatment. Within each sector, emissions are detailed in more than a hundred emission sources and information levels, covering the period 2000-2018.

More than offering Brazilian municipalities a free and comprehensive profile of their emissions, it is important that in order to promote changes that promote the mitigation of climate change at the municipal level, it is necessary to present practical solutions that promote the reduction of emissions and increase removal of greenhouse gases while contributing to local well-being and development.

Thus, SEEG proposed to map and compile, in a didactic way, practical actions to reduce emissions at the local level, in order to promote the sustainable development of the five sectors, equipping and engaging the actors involved in this area.

How SEEG Solutions was created

The SEEG team first carried out a research in the literature and consulted different work initiatives with climate municipalities in Brazil and in the world. Based on this, it listed a set of themes and options for mitigation actions.

Then, a consultation workshop was held with the technical teams of the members of the Climate Observatory to identify the main metadata that should be included in each initiative and gather suggestions to expand the range of action options.

The 1st version of the set of actions was then built and submitted to a consultation process with experts from the five sectors (electricity, transport, waste, agriculture, land use change and forestry) and with experience in the five regions of the country. These workshops focused on three aspects:  i) receiving suggestions for increments for actions already raised, ii) suggestions for new actions and iii) other contributions, which include metadata, data presentation and references, among others.

After this process, a 2nd version of the solutions portfolio was carried out, which was submitted to a first region of partners and then the final version with 87 solutions was produced.

Below you can access the report of the consultation workshops for the preparation of SEEG Soluções.